It’s time to rethink product design.


380 million tons of plastic is produced a year, Polluting oceans, ruining habitats, and destroying our ecosystem.

Why are we creating products that need to be replaced when our earth can’t be?

Over 10 billion toothbrushes

The amount of toothbrushes thrown away globally per year. That’s enough to stretch around the world 40x.

Over 250,000 tons

The amount of plastic we waste per year by using disposable toothbrushes.

We’re on a mission to make sustainability as much a habit as brushing your teeth. The Polyest story:

Manufacturers capitalize on our obsession with convenience by marketing disposability as a product perk, leaving tons of discarded trash in their wake.

We believe that through elevated product design, sustainability can be even more convenient than products designed to be thrown away.

Our Polyest toothbrush design features a smaller, more eco-friendly toothbrush head made from non-virgin plastic.

Every step of the Polyest experience revolves around minimizing waste, from our closed cycle toothbrush replacement strategy that transforms your used toothbrush heads into new replacements to our plastic free packaging.

While you enjoy a state-of-the-art brushing experience and unmatched convenience, you’ll also contribute far less to landfills.

Now that’s a win-win-win.

The toothbrush with zero environmental impact

The Polyest Electric Toothbrush

The sophisticated, streamlined toothbrush designed from luxury aluminum and featuring fully interchangeable parts. When you need new toothbrush heads, we’ll send them to you, and you’ll ship back your used heads in the same box.

The toothbrush with zero environmental impact
The toothbrush with zero environmental impact

The creator of Polyester-planet friendly perfection

Liam Cook

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The creator of Polyester-planet friendly perfection